About Us

Our Aim

Like there are no runner ups in war, we strive to be the best in providing the services to our clients. It is not, what we feel, but what the client feels about our services. Our constant Endeavour would, therefore be, not only to make you feel secure and protected but provide services to exceed to your expectations.

Range of services provided

As we grow, to provide you all the security and allied services, to begin with, we undertake the following:-
 Security
 Investigation
 Management Support
 Firefighting Equipment Training
 House Keeping/Facility Management
 Outsourcing of Staff

Our Approach/ Implementation

Our efforts are not only limited to getting the contract but we look forward to building professional working relationships, and try to contribute to the management in whatever small way that we can, and grow with it. Our strategy and approach of the site is broadly divided into three stages i.e. Planning, Preparatory and execution.

Criteria for Security Guards

 Minimum height of 170 cms (5.66 Feet).
 Preferred ex-army/Para military force/police officials otherwise trained, experienced and smart personnel.
 Pre-Requisite verified manpower from the local police.
 Minimum education(high school / Intermediate/Graduate) with past practical experience of security.
 Less then 45 years of age and 50 years in case of ex- army/police.
 Aware and having knowledge/operating procedure of Fire Fighting appliances

Courses Conducted

 Physical Training at Training School as well as on Site (Parade, Salute, Drill etc.)
 Entry procedure
 Dispatch procedure
 Procedure for keys (Issuing/Returning)
 Incoming/Outgoing materials or vehicles
 Use of Telephone
 Action plan in case of Emergencies and Fire
 Lift Operation

 Job Description of posts
 Making log entries of Incidents
 Investigations
 Parking Policy

 Revision of Important Subjects
 Compliances of deficiency if any pointed out by client

Specialised Fire Safety Course

 What is Fire
 Classification of Fire
 Method s of extinguishing fires

Different View From Other

 Careful selection and training of Guards or any other personnel.
 Continuous liaison with the clients through email/phone/onsite.
 Feedback from clients
 Timely payments to employees
 Strong administrative back up
 Regular night checking
 Effective communication network
 Proper police verification of all employees
 Implementation of statutory requirements
 Mobile phone facility at site for contacting in emergency

Our Vision Towards the Work

We believe, whenever we are assigned any work we take it as a challenge and we give our 100% attention to it. Our main aim is a total job satisfaction and indeed the satisfaction of our customers. We take it as a profession not as a business and try to attain success whatever and where ever we are asked to perform. We are least hesitant to share the experiences of any one irrespective of one’s portfolio.

Our Mission

Work and only work as it is the worship. We render results whenever and wherever we are working. Very proudly, we can say that ever since we have started working we have not lost any the work we have been assigned by our clients.

Our Objectives

 We acclimatize what we do in order to provide the best illumination to our customers.

 As the name of company “VIGILANT” itself indicates attentive/Alert/on your guard, we have a policy to have a tie up with our customers on a daily basis in order to check the level of work satisfaction. Our supervisory staff always remain on its toes to get rid of any shortcomings what so ever. This is only possible when someone has a strong administration and an organized management that we have.

 We call upon all the staff at least once in a month for a motivational training so that they give their best to their job with utmost professionalism,

 There is a system of recruitment of everyone in the company. No matter what designation the individual is being recruited for, The mental level, the educational level, the family background and his total character is assessed and only those found to the level of satisfaction are being preferred the job.

What We Teach

 Optimum usage of manpower skill.
 Sensitivity of the hygienic conditions
 How to be enthusiastic for work.
 How to work as a team and a sense of togetherness.

Conductive Environment

We as a team always believe that there should be always a conducive environment and healthy relations between :-
 Worker and the management.
 Worker with the customer.
 Management with the customer.